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Sending a Bitcoin is very easy. The correct way to send Bitcoin will depend on the type of Bitcoin wallet. But the most important thing you need to know is the recipient’s ‘address. A Bitcoin address is a literal statistical string.

How To Send Bitcoin?

To send a Bitcoin, you have to copy the recipient’s address to your clipboard. Then paste it into the sender field of the Bitcoin wallet app you’re using.

Bitcoin addresses can also express in the form of QR codes. If you send Bitcoins from a mobile wallet, you can use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code.

As far as remittances are concerned, most wallets allow you to toggle in your local currency.

Important: Bitcoin transactions are non-refundable. So if you send them to the wrong address, you will probably never see this Bitcoin again.

What’s The Bitcoin Network Fee?

Bitcoin transactions have to pay a small fee. It is paid to the miners who verify them. Therefore, high-fee transactions are more likely to include in the next batch. In this case, the block is included in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Many Bitcoin wallets allow you to customize the Bitcoin network fee for sending Bitcoins.

It means by paying a higher fee; you can opt for faster transaction processing. Alternatively, if you are not in a hurry to verify your transaction, you can save money by opting for a lower fee.

How Do I Set The BTC Network Fee In My Bitcoin Wallet?

It depends on the wallet. In fact, most top web wallets (Cryptocurrency exchanges) do not charge you anything for a network fee. Instead, they have a default fee (which is almost always higher than the actual fee they will pay).

In other words, they make a profit when they return the Bitcoin to their customers. It is a common revenue earning strategy for Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most non-custodial wallets allow you to customize the fees associated with your Bitcoin transaction.

Sending and Receiving Bitcoins

A Bitcoin Wallet features a Request/ Send button. That button facilitates sender transactions to a Bitcoin Wallet or preferred email address. The request button is to make a request or payment from another email address or wallet.

It would help if you were careful when receiving and sending Bitcoins. This is because a transaction has been initiated. Bitcoin protocol does not allow cancellations. Therefore, you must be sure of the agreement before activating the send button. However, the recipient can always ask the sender for a refund. This transaction is the anchor of the agreement between the two parties.

Securing Your Bitcoins

Please make no mistake about it. Infect Bitcoins is a digital currency, but Bitcoin wallet protection uses the same principles to protect your portfolio in everyday life. You always want to be in control of your wallet at all times.

With Bitcoins, no one can compromise on security. Otherwise, the value of their money can transfer elsewhere. Fortunately for those who use Bitcoins, the developers have come up with stealth-proof techniques. These techniques give the owner of Bitcoins maximum protection.

However, this technique always depends on the user’s discretion. It means that no one should ever share the code to access their Bitcoin wallet with others. Remember that your wallet is located on a computer that is connected to the Internet.

This connection means that your computer is a target for hackers. The purpose of securing your Bitcoins is to prevent theft or loss.

Offline Savings Wallet

You can start by setting up an offline savings wallet for your digital currency. The offline approach eliminates the risk of theft and minimal damage. In addition, it’s close to all your hard cash.

Hardware Wallet

The offline wallet is also called a hardware wallet. Its biggest advantage is immunity from viruses and hackers. Therefore it offers a high level of security. Moreover, the hardware wallet is the best backup in a virtual wallet.


Sending Bitcoin is as easy as entering the recipient’s email address in the relevant field. Then, from the next tab, you need to specify the required amount. The third step involves defining the Bitcoin account from which you want to use the payment. The transaction is complete when you hit the send button.

The recipient can see the money in their wallet. The balance of the sender also indicates a reduction in the transfer amount. However, in the Bitcoin network, it takes about an hour to approve and confirm this transaction.

With Bitcoins, one can use multiple addresses and signature keys. Each key can secure in different places and under the supervision of different people. This strategy is mainly applied at the corporate level, where the entity loves very much to trade in Bitcoins, because of handsome BTC rewards. Hackers have a turnaround time from hacking such systems. They have to go through individual key holders before hacking the wallet.

We also recommend that you keep your wallet confidential and apply frequent updates to your keys and passwords. Make your password unique, attractive, and memorable so that you never lock yourself in your Bitcoin wallet.

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